Settling in policy (Nursery)

Littlke Bo Peep Nursery 3 handsAll children are individuals and therefore our settling in policy is flexible to suit the individual needs of each child. Obviously some parents have time constraints placed on them by work and therefore we have devised a minimum settling in time, which can be followed if time dictates.

The following is guidance only; the key worker will devise times suitable to the child and depending on how the induction process is going. We may reduce or add more settling in hours accordingly.

  • Day 1: parent and child attend for 1-2 hours
  • Day 2: child stays for 2-3 hours
  • Day 3: child stays for 3-5 hours
  • Day 4: child stays for full amount as requested on the registration form
  • Day 5: as agreed with parent and depending on how the child has settled so far.

All parents are informed that they can telephone at any time to enquire about their child or request that a member of staff give them a call during the day.

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