Security (Nursery)

  • Littlke Bo Peep Nursery 3 handsWe like to give a warm welcome to each child on their arrival to nursery.  Parents should sign their child in by using the diary in the hall.
  • No child will be allowed to leave the Nursery with any person not known to us unless it has been pre-arranged with the child’s parent.
  • When children are entering or leaving nursery our staff are vigilant and will only admit persons known to them.
  • Our nursery is protected by a ‘finger print’ security system, parents who have been authorised can let themselves in the building. Those not on our system will need to ring the door bell to gain access to the building.
  • We understand that at times there are situations where parents may be reluctant for the child to be collected by their ex partners i.e. fathers/mothers.  In such circumstances, nursery has no legal power to prevent this unless a court order is produced.  We will endeavour to meet all parents’ wishes wherever legally possible.
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