Child Admission Policy (Nursery)

Littlke Bo Peep Nursery 3 handsThe nursery is registered for 28 children aged 12 weeks to 5 years.

The above statement is taken off the registration certificate and is always the overriding policy.  Other matters taken into account are as follows: –

  • Children who have older brothers and sisters already attending nursery.
  • Those who have been on the waiting list longest.
  • Full time children will be given preference over part time only.
  • The ability of the nursery to provide the facilities for the  child.
  • The effect on the existing children and staff on the admission of the child.

Please note that the nursery has a child protection policy and a behaviour policy, if you wish to see these or any other policies that we have please do ask and a copy will be provided.

The nursery has never and has no intention in the future of discriminating against any child on the grounds of sex, race, religion, colour or ethnicity.

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