Admissions Procedure (Nursery)

  • Little Bo Peep Nursery 6 handsAll children entering Nursery will be offered an induction period.
  • All children must have a completed Enrolment form containing contact numbers and all relevant medical information.
  • If necessary children will receive one to one care to help them settle and gain confidence.
  • Children must be allowed to keep comforters and security blankets until they feel confident enough to leave them on the side.  No child will be denied access to their particular comforter.
  • On admission it is important to gain as much information about the child as is possible to enable us to help the child settle.
  • Each child is assessed upon admission.  This allows us to plan appropriate activities for your child and assists future assessments and observations on your child for staff.
  • Each parent/carer will be given the policy and procedure file to read through whilst their child is receiving their induction period.
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