October Newsletter



Dear Parents,

It’s been a busy few months in nursery and is set to be a busy and exciting few more.. We are still walking on cloud nine after our OFSTED inspection and are very excited for the coming months. We have a jam packed few weeks with Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas crafts and activities. I have just opened a huge box of all things glittery, sparkly and colourful for all our wonderful crafts!

The Orchard staff and children have been busy in the garden, they have built our very own bug hotel, if you get a chance come and have a peek. We are hoping that some wildlife will move in soon and curl up in all the nooks and crannies. We have also cleared our summer plants ready for the winter now so the garden is looking a little empty but I’m sure we more planting will be coming soon.

Our bug hotel!

We are also hoping to refurbish our bird table as it is looking a little wonky and in need of a lick of paint so watch this space.

The orchards ‘I can board….’

Heather and Lisa have been busy putting together a rainbow coloured ‘I can’ board for the children to mark on when they can.. Independently do the following..

  • Put their coats on
  • Put their shoes on
  • Walk into nursery without being carried
  • Wash and dry their hands by themselves

This is so staff can encourage these skills and celebrate them when they have been achieved, especially for the children moving up to pre-school as fostering these skills will give the children a head start into pre-school life.


Christmas party proposal

For the first time ever little Bo peep nursery and pre-school are proposing to hold a Christmas Disco/ party for all nursery and pre-school children. The initial plan will be for a disco to be held up at the village hall on a Friday 11th December at approx. 5.30-7.00pm . Party food/ snacks for the children, mulled wine and mince pies for the adults. The idea is that parents stay with the children and we have dancing, party games, snow machine and of course the usual visit from Santa.. It will also be a fantastic opportunity for all our parents to get together and share in the Christmas cheer. We will be sending invites out soon.

Tubes/ cardboard rolls (with the exception of toilet rolls please)

Please could The orchard Room have any unwanted tubes, from Clingfilm/foil, wrapping paper etc. for supporting the children with their fine motor and dexterity skills… I hear pom pom posting and tweezer work is planned!


We have been planning for a little while to switch to an online learning journey package which allows us to take photographs and observe the children using the hudl or iPad devices. This will enable us to send things to you via e-mail as well as allow parents to comment immediately to observations and next steps. This will enable staff to share the next steps and progress of your child with ease and more regularly rather than waiting for the learning journey evening. We aim to send information across to you regularly. Those of you with children up at pre-school will be familiar with this system already. I will be sending the consents out next week and the information which goes with the package, detailing how the images and information are stored and used. Any questions please feel free to ask Nat.

Please can we kindly remind parents to look at the notice board in the entrance hall as we do update daily with up and coming events, lunch and sickness notices.

Christmas closure (advanced notice)

We will be closing at 1.00pm on Thursday 24th December 2015 and will reopen on 4th January 2016


Nat and the ladies

AUGUST 2015 Dear Parents,   We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have recently had our OFSTED inspection and we have been inspected as ‘GOOD’. We are thrilled that our hard work has paid off and we have made the necessary steps to ensure the experiences we are providing are good quality and that significant improvement has been made since the last inspection back in November. We would like to thank you all for your continued support and encouragement over the last 8 months, we are still changing and improving and hope we will continue to go from strength to strength.     Regards Nat and Team     July Nursery Newsletter Welcome to the summer, here at nursery we have put together a fun few weeks to coincide with the Six weeks holidays. We have decided to inject some extra fun to our week by doing a six weeks themed programme for the children. If you feel that you are able to contribute anything to our activities than please do. Week 1 Is music and dance week: we will be experiences difference styles, genres and music from different cultures. We will be making musical instruments, exploring music in our environment and exploring different ways to move our bodies. Please feel free to provide any extraordinary instruments… has anybody got a digeridoo we can borrow??? Week 2 Sports and games week: we will be doing our very own sports day… perhaps a spot of tennis, Crazy golf, football, hula hooping.. Anything goes. Our very own Bo Peep Olympics. If you have any Child golf sets or footballs etc.. please bring them this week! Sports kit is optional! Week 3 World week: we will be exploring a variety of countries and will be sampling food from each area at lunch time. We will be travelling to Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Britain. If you have exciting souvenirs to bring, that would be great. Week 4 Fairy Tale Adventure week: Dressing up is a must.. Knights, princesses, animals… anything Fairy Tale.. Face painting and crafts are on offer this week. Week 5 Big Art week: we will be doing all things arty so be prepared for messy clothes and paint underneath the fingernails, between toes and behind the ears.. We are going all out and arty. We will be doing big floor art, painting, chalking and cool Canvasses! Please bring old clothes, big shirts or coveralls.. We have a small number of aprons.. However this is BIG art week!! Week 6 Wet and wild week: weather permitting: paddling pools and hose play… we may even get out our crazy daisy for added fun! Swim suits and a towel is a must for this day! We are looking forward to our summer of fun! Please look out for updates as things may change. Thanks Nat and Team       Nursery Newsletter: June   Dear parents, We are all looking forward to the summer term here at nursery and have been very busy preparing. We have been planting in our lovely garden, so far we have sunflowers, green beans, strawberries, courgettes and potatoes beginning to grow. We would also like to start some hanging baskets over the coming weeks to put outside the front of nursery. You may have noticed a few subtle changes around nursery including our newly decorated sleep room and the new addition of our Willows room. We have been busy, hopefully improving nursery and making it a more welcoming environment. We are aiming to freshen up the baby bathroom as well as other areas over the coming months so watch this space. Learning journey evening Thanks to all those that attended, we do enjoy our learning journey evenings as it gives us an opportunity to share with you all the amazing things your child has been doing, but also gives us a chance to really gather information from you to ensure that we are providing the best experiences for your child. We will aim to do our next learning journey evening September time, I will let you know nearer the time. You are welcome to view your child’s learning journey at any time please feel free to take them off the shelves to look through. Willows room Those that attended the evening had the opportunity to go and see our ‘Willows’ room upstairs, this room will be used for small group work on an ad hoc bases. We are all very excited to utilise this room and we feel that this will enhance the children’s learning by enabling us to focus on their individual next steps within a small group scenario.     Health Visitor Consents Thank you to all that has signed the health visitor consent forms, this gives us the opportunity to share information with your child’s health visitor when the time comes. Hannah, Kim and myself will be attending a course called ‘The integrated review ’and this will be based around working in partnership with health visitors. As many of you are aware the Health visitor will be doing a two year old check on development and the current thinking is that we as early years professionals should be having an input. This partnership working will be hugely beneficial as we can share our knowledge of your child as well as the information the health visitor sees on the day of the check in conjunction with the information you provide as a parents.   Sun cream Just a reminder that all children must arrive with sun cream applied, with a hat and suitable clothing. We prefer that children wear light clothing that covers the back and shoulders and that open toe sandals are worn with socks, not very fashionable but does tend to save nasty toe/ nail injuries.   Self-registration. We will be starting a self-registration board in the hallway where your child can find their photograph and put it under the picture of their key Person. This will help both parents and children remember who their key person is. The children in both rooms are able to find their photographs and will find it a fun way to ‘sign themselves in’. Please also remember to sign in at the signing in diary too. Please remember to download the ‘guidance to your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage. Thanks Nat and Team   Nursery Newsletter April 2015   Dear Parents, Spring time upon us and we are looking forward to using our garden often over the coming weeks. We have already been using our mud kitchen this week during wellie Wednesday and are hoping to begin planting a variety of flowers and vegetables next week. As the weather is (hopefully) hotting up Please may we remind you that all children should be arriving to nursery with sun cream already applied during the warmer months, we will reapply after lunch for those children attending all day. The Meadows children have been busy exploring vegetables, we have had lots of fun hiding them, digging them up, playing with them in our role play area and finding out about what they look and feel like. The children have gained such a lot from these activities and we are going to continue over the coming weeks with a variety of fruit. This messy Monday has included finding fruit in the cloud dough, which we have sent home a sample and the recipe for you to try at home. The Orchard Children have been finding out about the solar eclipse and doing various chalky art work, they have also been very busy with all their Easter crafts, my particular favourite was the Humpty Dumpty, which needed to be stuck back together with plasters! We have been getting a lot of inspiration from ‘Pinterest’ as a team, there are so many fantastic ideas on there. Just type in ‘Pinterest’ on google and search for ‘children’s craft ideas’ for example and so many great things come up with detailed instructions.   Courses and staff Development Staff have been busy attending courses over the last few weeks, Nat, Hannah and Kim have been on a tracking children’s progress course. Lisa and Heather have attended a 2 year old conference, where they have brought back some amazing activities and things to try. Nat and Zoe have attended a course on Special Educational Needs this week so we are all busy keeping up to date. We have more courses booked for the following months including: Maximising the mathematical potential of play with young children and supporting reading and writing. Our Development officer has been visiting and has been pleased with a progress so far which is good news, we are still climbing the mountain to finally achieving our ‘good’ (fingers crossed). During her visit this week she looked at messy activities and continuous provision in our Baby room- are we providing enough resources to extend children’s learning? Again she commented that we have made excellent progress and are working towards our action plan. On her next visit she will be looking at our management and how we self-evaluate what we do in order to make improvements.   Pick up and drop off times Please can I also remind parents and others dropping off that you must adhere to your booked time, as you can appreciate we have to adhere to a strict ratio and by arriving early this may cause us to go over ‘numbers’. There is a £5 early drop off/ late pick up fee that may be added to your invoice. Can we I also respectfully remind anybody dropping off and picking up that the children must be signed in and out. This could seriously affect our outcome if OFSTED was to arrive as they use it as a reference point, we would really appreciate your co-operation in this matter. Learning journey evening We are planning a learning journey evening for May where we will be sharing with you our new way of doing our learning journeys and discussing progress in accordance with our new tracking approach. Those parents that have been before will know that it has always been a very informal evening and that has not changed. You will notice that the information we share will be a little different and that more emphasis will be placed upon next steps and current learning. We are still getting to grips with this so please bear with us, however I’m sure you will notice that the information shared will be more clearly outlined, we are just trying to get the balance of photographs and fun stuff vs tracking, next steps and outcomes. All your feedback is very welcomed and hope you can attend, I shall arrange a date and let you know.     Regards   Nat, Zoe and the Ladies   Newsletter January   Dear parents, Welcome back to our winter term, hope you have all had a great start to 2015 so far. So far 2015 has been a busy one for us, as I’m sure you have noticed there have been a few subtle changes throughout nursery, largely due to our recent OFSTED rating in November. We would just like to thank you all for your continued support in this matter and rest assured we have been tirelessly making changes and implementing new ideas to hopefully show case how good we feel we are as a setting. These are few changes that you may have noticed;

  1. Visual changes to the Orchard room, including poster, numbers and letters.
  2. Visual changes to the Meadows room, including a change round of furniture and added visual displays.
  3. Changes to the way we plan individually for your child with both rooms using ongoing planning on their white boards. This enables us to add to the experiences being offered to the children throughout the week based on their interests and needs.
  4. Changes to what information we tell you during our handovers.
  5. New daily diaries for the children in the meadows room- These have only been used for less than a week and already we do not know how we coped without them
  6. New resources and equipment including a new laptop and tablet for use in the orchard room

Changes that you will not have noticed:

  1. Office organisation has been improved, with information regarding staff training, appraisals etc.. Filed more effectively and to hand.
  2. Training booked and attended by staff
  3. We have been working closely with our improvement advisor to ensure we are making necessary strides to improve.
  4. Staff communicating and talking about what is going on and how to can promote individual learning, what are the children doing and how we can push them on.

  Parents as partners. We are always interested in what the children do at home so please share it with us, please write on a wow star or a post it note in the orchard room or write in the parent’s comments in your child’s book in the meadows. This shows that we have a continuous link between home and nursery and this helps demonstrate to OFSTED that we communicate, even though we do verbally it provides the evidence we need. Also it is lovely to see parent’s handwriting in Learning Journeys, wow starts and Daily Diaries. Please look out for ‘try this at home;’ sheets, The Orchards made Moon sand last week (really easy and cheaper than actual ‘moon sand’) the children loved it. The recipe for this is on the Orchard Room notice board (and our website) The Meadows room been exploring salt dough this week and have send some home for the children to explore at home. The recipe can be found on the Meadows room notice board (and our website). We are also putting together a ‘Parents as Partners’ bag for children to take home and continue their learning experiences at home so watch this space.   Pyjamas day for Cracker Jack children’s trust charity: we raised £30+ Wear your Pyjamas on Thursday 29th January to raise money for crackerjack children’s charity, which raises money for disabled children. Chinese New Year: Year of the Goat: begins Thurs 19th February   World Book day: 5th march Dress up as your favourite book character. We will be doing a variety of activities throughout the day as well as sharing our favourite stories. Please bring in a favourite story to share.   Can you help us? Does anybody have any of the following that could be donated to nursery?

  • Any fabric that you do not need, any colour or texture that would be suitable to make rag rugs?
  • Crochet hooks?
  • Boxes of any size including shoe boxes
  • Old plastic bottles
  • Old kitchen pots and pans to use in our mud kitchen?

Thanks Nat, Zoe and the Team


Dear Parents,   Please find attached our current OFSTED report We were inspected on the 11 th November 2014 and the over all outcome of this inspection was ‘Require Improvemen’t, (formally known as satisfactory). We are all understandably disappointed but never the less feel that the points raised in the inspection were fair and we have whole heartedly taken on board the actions we need to take to ensure we provide the best possible quality of Early Years education and experiences for our children. These are the Actions we have been given by OFSTED and this is what we are doing to ensure we fulfil the criteria for a ‘good’ next time, we will be inspected within 12 months and we are obviously aiming to reinstate our ‘good’ rating’. The Inspection highlighted many things we do well, including the care of the children and our partnership with you the parents. Action

  • Use assessment to consistently identify children’s individual next steps in learning and use these to plan challenging and purposeful activities that enable all children to make good progress

This Action relates mostly to the way in which we use the information collected in our learning journeys, how we use them to plan for children and in turn push them further to realise their potential. We need to make sure all individual children are reflected in our planning and environment, using their interests to support this. You may have noticed during the handover instead of being given a list of things that have been done.. I.e. bricks, interstars, soft toys etc.. you are given a little more of what learning was taking place, e.g. we have been building today with the small bricks, using our physical and concentration skills. We have been asking ourselves the ‘so what’ to an activity and this is enabling us to focus on the learning being undertaken. You will also see a change in the layout of the Learning Journey, this will able you to see more easily what progress has been made during a period of time. Has your child fulfilled the next steps of learning and if so where do they go next. All the staff know their key children extremely well and do provide appropriate opportunities and resources it is just documenting them in a way that is more concise and meaningful. We also have training booked and are working with an Early Years improvement officer to ensure we are on the right track.

  • Ensure that records for the safe management of the setting are maintained and available for inspection at all time, this specifically relates to the Disclosure and baring service check numbers, date obtained and who obtained it.

This action relates specifically to a DBS/ CRB not being on record, regrettably we were not able to find the CRB number for a member of staff that has worked with us here for 5 years, who does hold A CRB, has been in the past fully policed checked and is indeed safe to work with children. This is a regrettable administration error which understandable means OFSTED had no other choice than to give us an Action against this. We take the safety and wellbeing of your child extremely seriously and rest assured we do our up most to ensure they are safeguarded at all times. As a result of this action we have reviewed our administration systems to ensure we have all correct information readily at hand, stored and updated when appropriate therefore able to see any gaps in training or other relevant information. We continue to follow our safer recruitment policy to ensure that all staff working within Little Bo Peep Ltd are indeed safe to do so, they hold a current DBS and have relevant safeguarding Training. We will continue to monitor staff during appraisals, peer to peer supervisions as standard company policy, this has and will always be adhered to.   We thank you for your continued support in this matter, we are now putting all our efforts into improving our setting to ensure we move forwards and reach our ‘good’ OFSTED rating. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch. Regards Zoe, Nat and ‘The girls’

Nursery Newsletter


Dear Parents, We have had a busy few weeks in nursery, saying goodbye to children moving up to our pre-school as well as welcoming some new starters in both the Orchards and the Meadows Room. The summer is coming to an end and we are excited as the autumn is fast approaching with lots planned in the up and coming months it is sure to be a busy one.   Pirates and Princess Day We held a Pirates and Princess day for Cracker Jack children’s charity Tuesday which was very successful, thank you to all those brilliant Pirates and Princess, a great day was had by all- lots of Art work going on in as well as lots of dancing to our very special Pirate Party Album. The children enjoyed their Pirates Fish Pie and the gorgeous Pink Princess pud. Thank you to all those that took part. We raised a total of £38!!! Mud Kitchen We are very very excited to announce that our Mud Kitchen will be arriving soon for our nursery garden. The idea is that during wellie Wednesday the children can use the mud kitchen to make mud pies, mud cakes, mud potions… or just more mud!!!! The Kitchen will be kitted out with all the essentials required for creating a special Mud Recipe.. Including pans, bowls, spoon and cups… If you have anything that maybe suitable for our new mud kitchen any donations would be gratefully received. More about mud Kitchens can be found on our website Ps: old clothes, a change of clothes and perhaps waterproof coveralls would be advisable during wellie Wednesday. Songs Being Sung in Nursery All well-known songs accompanied by actions are being sung daily in the Meadows Room, you may notice when you sing with your child at home that are familiar with the words and actions of the following songs. Here is a list of the current songs being sang at nursery. We sing many more songs but this is just a little section of our very favourite. Please let us know if there are any songs you like to sing together at home that we can sing here. Row Row Row your Boat, Wheels on the bus, I had a little turtle, wind the bobbin up, put your finger on your…(nose, head, tummy, ear etc..) Old mac Donald and Heads shoulders, knees and toes. If there are any songs you would like the words to or even the tune to let us know and we can sing them to you.. The orchard children have been singing ‘open and shut them and down on the farm and have offered a rendition if you need to know the tune! New Boards in the Meadows The Meadows is looking a little bare at the moment as the children are busy doing lots of Artwork for our display boards… So please keep watching this space for more crazy creations going up soon. Orchard Room Topic The orchard children are currently looking at ‘our favourite stories’ and are asking if the children would like to bring one of their favourite stories in to share with their friends at Nursery. They will also be continuing with settling in new friends and incorporating various festivals coming up over the coming months. Lisa is our resident ‘Mary Berry’ and has been baking up some delights in the Orchard Room and is asking if anybody has any recipes you would like to share, any cakes or biscuits you may make with your child at home that could be shared with nursery friends. We have already had a lovely recipe for Raspberry cake from Rory that he made with all his friends as well as some Banana Bread Lauren made with her mummy, which was shared at snack time. Just jot down the recipe and the orchard children will have a go at making it. Dates for your Diary Halloween Friday 31st October – is the annual Pumpkin carving and fancy dress day. Learning Journey Evening Thursday 9th Oct

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