Special Educational Needs Statement

Littlke Bo Peep Nursery 3 handsAt Little Bo Peep Nursery we believe that every child is special that every child has needs. In order to met the needs of these children it is important that we get to know the children and build good relationships with them. The more we get to know the individual children the more able we will be to provide them with a curriculum which is both stimulating and motivating which is key to learning. We will always treat each child as an individual and recognise and respect it individual needs. All the children in our setting will be encouraged to respect and care for each other regardless of any special need or disability. Any negative attitudes or remarks towards our children with special needs will be challenged and discussed. The whole group will learn about special Needs through play and we will introduce persona skills, dolls in wheelchairs, read stories about disability. All children will have equal access to all activities, we will strive to provide multisensory areas, and we will make our play areas bright, colourful and inviting. Consideration will be given to the layout of the room, furniture and fittings.

Activities will be adapted to cater for our Special Needs children and one to one help will be provided wherever possible, and all aspects of the EYFS will be considered when planning for a child with special Educational Needs. All our children will be given choices and will work as part of the whole group and any activities designed especially for them will also include children from the group. The children will take part in ‘Wellie Wednesday’ and forest school as it has been proven without doubt all children excel within these sessions.

All planned  trips and outings will be suitable for all our children and extra support will be available on such occasions. Our parents will be asked for ideas and their views on any adaptions we could make to our setting to enhance their child’s enjoyment and benefit of their child’s time with us. Our aim is to be able to include any child no matter what their special need within our nursery. It is our hope that we can provide these children with an exciting curriculum which will make each individual child feel important, valued and build their self esteem.

We firmly believe that all children have the right to play and learn together and in our setting we strive to ensure that this is the case. Our staff with the correct training has become confident in working with SEN ad has created an environment that is warm and welcoming to all children. All our children are set small achievable talks and are set up to succeed, no one can fail. All SEN children excel in one area and we capitalise on this to make the child feel confident and successful.

We believe that our setting is able to offer children a happy, warm and stimulating environment where they feel important and valued and most importantly where we are equal.

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