Breakfast & After School

Little Bo Peep InkberrowBreakfast Club

We are open from 7.30am and offer a selection of healthy cereals to choice from. Breakfast is not compulsory and in many cases children arrive already having had breakfast at home.  Breakfast is served until 8.15 am.

On arrival, you should initial by your child’s name on the printed register. There will be a choice of activities already set out where the children can play freely.

Children attending Inkberrow School are walked over and the children attending Flyford Flavell are driven by either minibus or car.

Afterschool Club

At Afterschool Club children are collected by the same method as the Breakfast Club. On arrival at the village hall children hang up their coats and bags on the pegs provided. They then wash their hands and come into the kitchen for a snack. Fruit always forms part of the snack followed by a variety of finger foods such as crackers and cheese or toast etc. Water is always readily available.

There are a variety of activities available for all ages and we use the outside area as often as weather permits.  Some activities will be adult led, however most are child led as we believe they have been in school all day and this is their time to play, relax and choose what they would like to do.

We do ask that you let us know by text message or phone call if your child is not attending.

If you need to book an extra session please do tell the School as well as us!

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